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YOU CAN GET AN MSOT ✓ Lowest MSOT tuition in Michigan
✓ Offering a 3+2 MSOT program
✓ Freshman Direct Admit Option
✓ Community-Focused Curriculum
✓ Immersive Interprofessional Education

Making Your Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) Degree Affordable

Michigan Resident 

Graduate Courses (500-699 Level Courses)
HHS 500-799 Level Courses


Non-Michigan Resident

Graduate Courses (500-699 Level Courses)
HHS 500-799 Level Courses


Payment Plans

The Graduate Payment Plans are specifically designed for graduate students and their complex lifestyle, providing flexibility in spreading their educational expense over two (2) or five (5) interest-free, monthly payments! Graduate Payment Plans can be used in combination with financial aid or student loans to cover the remaining balances owed. Learn More


Depending upon your program, there may be additional fees.

Financial Assistance

US government-sponsored traineeship, loans, and scholarships for nurses are often available. MSOT students are notified of application procedures by the Graduate Program Coordinator.

The Graduate Payment Plan (GPP) is available for fall or winter semester for students enrolled in a graduate program allowing them to spread their educational expenses over five, interest-free payments. Students can use the payment plan in combination with financial aid or a student loan. An application is required.

Program Cost (Example)

Note: Illustration based on a 3% increase annually, however fees are subject to change.

Current Cost 2021 Spring Semester  2021 Fall Semester 2022 Winter Semester  2021-2022 Academic Year  Total Cost of Program: (2.5-year program 2021-2023)
Tuition $3,936.90 $7,873.80 $7,873.80 $19,684.50 $46,920.57
Student Fee $14.60 $0 $62.00 $76.60 $182.49
Books and Supplies $353.00 $564.00 $608.00 $1,525.00 $3,095.75
Loan Fees $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Distance Education Fees $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total $4,304.50 $8,437.80 $8,543.80 $21,286.10 $50,198.81




Graduate Admissions
Wickes Hall 230
(989) 964-6096

Aricka Schweitzer, Graduate Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy

215 Bachand Hall
(989) 964-2930

Tanika Williams
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
(989) 461-2050