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Foreign Language Day: Contest Guidelines

2015 Reservation Form (47KB)

I. General Criteria for all Contests

Criteria 2015 (84KB)

A. Individual schools should not present the same entries in the same category two consecutive years.

B. Foreign exchange students and native speakers may participate in any event except the skits/musicals.

C. In the case of skits/musicals, songs, dances, and cheerleading, someone from each group should briefly explain the entry in English before the entry is presented. Languages for these contests are limited to French, German, Japanese, Latin, Polish, or Spanish.

D.  Any music (tapes, CDs, MP3 files, etc.) needs to be submitted to us no later than Monday, October 19, to avoid any AV problems during the performances.  It is strongly recommended that each group bring a back-up copy of their music the day of the event.  Also, some idea of how many students participating in each contest category (skits/musicals, songs, dances, cheerleading) would be very helpful to the organizers.

II. Contests

A. Skits/Musicals

  1. Ten (10) minutes maximum time per entry (including set-up and clearing the stage); one skit/musical = one entry
  2. Limit of one entry per language per school
  3. Please indicate the level of language study (first year, second year, third year, fourth year); entries will not be divided according to level, but a “handicap” will be given to lower division students for judging criterion 4.a. below (mastery of the language).
  4. Judging criteria:
    1. mastery of the language according to class level (pronunciation, usage) - 35%
    2. delivery (memorization, timing, clarity) - 25%
    3. cultural relevance - 20%
    4. costumes and props - 20%

B. Songs

  1. Five (5) minutes maximum time per entry; one song = one entry
  2. Limit of two entries per language per school
  3. Judging criteria:
    1. delivery (memorization, pronunciation) - 60%
    2. quality of singing - 25%
    3. costumes - 15%

C. Dances

  1. Five (5) minutes maximum time per entry; one dance = one entry
  2. Limit of two entries per language per school
  3. Judging criteria:
    1. quality (movement, timing) - 30%
    2. cultural relevance - 30%
    3. preparation and organization - 25%
    4. costumes - 15%

D. Posters

  1. Number: limit of five (5) posters per language per school
  2. Size: ½ standard-sized poster board (14"x 22" maximum);
  3. Identification: student's name, school, and teacher's name must be on the back of poster and should not be visible on the front
  4. Judging criteria:
    1. presentation & execution of design - use of materials, technical proficiency - 25%
    2. creativity (no glitter, please) - 30%
    3. use of language (French, German, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Spanish) - 20%
    4. theme: "Engaging in World Languages and Cultures" - 25%
  5. Posters must be delivered to the Department of Modern Foreign Languages by Monday, October 19, 2015, at 4:30 p.m. in Brown Hall 245, the MFL Medial Center. 
  6. Posters should be retrieved at the conclusion of Foreign Language Day on November 5.

E. Displays

  1. Limit of three (3) displays per school
  2. May include student-made articles (maps, realia) which represent the country/countries of the respective language being studied; may also include items acquired in their country/countries
  3. Displays cannot include food or live animals, according to The Conference Center at SVSU
  4. Must use only one standard-sized card table (maximum 48" x 48"), supplied by the displayer; materials displayed must be on or attached to the table (not beside it or hanging from a wall behind it, etc.)
  5. Identification: Must have a title on the display. Students' names, school, and teacher's name must also appear either on the one-page written explanation or as part of the display.
  6. Judging criteria:
    1. theme: "Engaging in World Languages and Cultures" - 30%
    2. cultural relevance 30%
    3. aesthetic appearance - 30%
    4. one-page (double-spaced) written explanation - 10%
  7. Displays must be set up between 8:15 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. on Foreign Language Day in Groening Commons (Curtiss Hall); they must be taken down between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. on that same day.
  8. The display tables will not be monitored by SVSU Staff; in case of breakage or disappearance of display items, the Department of Modern Foreign Languages will not be held responsible.

F. International Awareness Contest

This is a written test to be taken by teams from each participating school. It is made up of short-answer questions about current events, international awareness, geography, world history, and foreign words that have entered English. The test is NOT language/culture specific. Each test will contain questions about countries around the world but not exclusively about countries where French, German, or Spanish are spoken.

  1. The international awareness contest is designed for students not participating in cheers, skits/musicals, songs, or dances.
  2. Each school may enter a maximum of three teams. The teams may consist of up to four students from the same or different languages.
  3. Team members may confer with each other but not with teachers, other students, or adults. They may not use notes, books, papers, cell phones, or computers of any kind to answer the questions.
  4. Students will stay in the room while deliberating. Any student who leaves the room for any reason while his team is deliberating will not be allowed to return and participate.
  5. Each team will be given one answer sheet to submit for the group.
  6. Teams from the same school will receive alternate versions of the test.
  7. Names of participants and their year in school (freshman, sophomore, etc.) should be submitted on the registration form. 
  8. Questions will be multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true-false.

If you require further information, please contact Dr. Monika Dix at 989-964-4333.

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