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Research Opportunities

Many faculty have active research projects in materials, manufacturing, heat transfer, numerical modeling, solid mechanics, composites, and rapid prototyping. Opportunities for independent study or employment as undergraduate researchers occur frequently in our department.


Steel Research Pour at SVSU

Dr. Robert Tuttle has been actively working in research on metalcasting and rapid prototyping technologies. His current project is focusing on developing grain refiners for steel castings.  He has also worked on  macroinclusion formation in steel castings and ultrasonic testing repeatability and reliability.  Dr. Tuttle actively consults on casting defects, manufacturing issues, and failure analysis.  Students regularly participate in his research activities.


Dr. Enayat Mahajerin is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at SVSU. Prior to his current position he taught at Michigan State University, where he received his Ph.D. in 1981. His research interests include computational mechanics, structural analysis, and composites. He has received several awards including the Landee Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the Earl Warrick Award for Research. He has published numerous papers and technical reports in conjunction with his research and consulting. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Academic of Mechanics, and the Society of Engineering Science.



SVSU operates an outreach and economic support operation called the Independent Testing Laboratory, which provides local companies access to SVSU faculty and equipment for specialized testing needs. ME students are frequently employed to conduct routine testing procedures and assist in advanced testing. The ITL has been a great success at giving students an opportunity to gain real world experience and network with leaders in local industry.

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