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Math Related Blogs

  • Aleph Zero Categorical A blog mostly about algebra, counterexamples, and short proofs of random observations.
  • Ars Mathematica (analysis, probability…)
  • bit-player Math/computer science blog of science writer Brian Hayes (writer for American Scientist)
  • CTK Insights A blog for teaching
  • Continuous Everywhere but Nowhere Differentiable blog of a Brooklyn high school math teacher
  • degrees of freedom Math and Physics blog of Scientific American written by Davide Castelvecchi
  • dy/dan blog of Dan Meyer, a former high school math teacher now pursuing a PhD in math education – includes many videos for use in the classroom
  • Dan’s Geometrical Curiosities A collection of art and math projects by a Physics student, with help from a friend who likes blog posts.
  • Division by Zero (Dave Richeson: “A blog about math, puzzles, teaching, and academic technology”)
  • Evolutionblog Mathematics and Politics blog by a college professor
  • Explaining Math math teaching with multimedia, screencasts
  • mathbabe Blog on mathematical finance by former academic
  • A compilation of math blogs sorted according to genre including the “weekly pics” of the hosts: Felix Breuer, Frederik von Heymann, and Peter Krautzberger
  • Mathcraft Math-inspired artwork and how-to info
  • Math Goes Pop! UCLA grad student writes about math in the media and pop culture
  • math for love Blog of mathematics education consultants includes puzzles, teaching tips, and philosophical musings
  • Mathematics Under the Microscope (Alexandre Borovik)
  • Mathlinks / Art of Problem Solving community, math Olympiad style problems discussed
  • Maxwell’s Demon (Edmund Harriss: visualizing math and math art, building math sculptures)
  • Political Math Visualization of political information
  • QED Insight (by Santo D’Agostino; mathematics, physics, education, pitched mainly to high school and undergraduate university students and teachers, with some material for lay people as well)
  • Sketches of Topology (colorful pictures, “visualizations of low dimensional topology”)
  • Tanya Khovanova’s math blog Light musings, puzzles and anecdotes concerning mathematics
  • Teaching College Math A blog about math, technology, and teaching.
  • The Endeavour (programming, general science, probability and statistics)
  • The Everything Seminar (“Geometry, topology, categories, groups, physics”; recently lots about experimental particle physics: LHC and CMS)
  • The Math Less Traveled Expository writing aimed to expose the beauty of mathematics to a general audience
  • The Numbers Guy Wall Street Journal’s math/economics blog by Carl Bialik
  • Uncover a few New blog of problems and teaching ideas
  • Vi Hart’s blog Great videos and photos of mathematical art and story-telling
  • XOR’s hammer (logics and foundations)

The above is a selection from a more complete and current list at the nLab.

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