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Students and a professor in the ITL

Research and Development

The Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) at SVSU serves as a valuable research and development partner for the rich diversity of Michigan business and industry.

ITL provides reliable information and cost-effective services at reasonable turnaround times.


ITL Development Flyer (26,309KB)

ITL Research Flyer (10,361KB)



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Icon of metallographical equipment

Metallographic Laboratory

Equipment to section, mount, polish and etch materials.

Icon of a 3D printer

Solid Prototyping Laboratory

3D printers for low volume production building high-strength parts in a range of materials.

Icon of a materials testing machine

Materials Testing Laboratory

Multiple test frames, an environmental chamber, and other mechanical test equipment.

Icon of test tubes and a magnifying glass

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Equipment for the analysis of chemical compounds.

Icon of a drill press

Machine Shop

Milling machines, lathes, CNC mills, welders and other fabrication equipment.

Icon of a electron microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope Laboratory

Scanning electron microscope.

Icon of a machine dispensing fluid into a beaker

Fluids Laboratory

Precise measurement Viscometers and air resistance Wind Tunnel.

Icon of an electrical current on a screen

Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Oscilloscopes and test equipment for electrical circuit analysis.

Icon of germs in four petri dishes

Biology Research Laboratory

Evaluate bacterial growth in products or materials.

Icon of a patent paper

Paper, Patent and Product Searches

Access to research paper databases. Student researchers to read and compile summaries of prototype construction.

Icon of a box floating over a hand

Material and Product Characterization

Testing of base materials for mechanical properties. Chemical evaluation of material content.

Icon of two documents, labeled

Testing Method Development

Development of new tests to evaluate specific properties. Cross-validation of test methods with other laboratories.

Icon representing product engineering design

Product Engineering & Design

Design or refinement of products. A robust process involving students, faculty and staff.

Icon of prototype construction

Prototype Construction

Machine shop for plastic and metal components. 3D printer for plastic components and rapid iteration.

Icon of a ribbon with a check mark on it

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Testing

Short turnaround or recurring testing to ensure product conformity.

Students in the ITL looking at computer screens


Matthew M. Kline
Manager of ITL
(989) 964-4194

Jeremy Bockelman
Director MMTC-NE
(989) 964-2164