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SVSU provides a full complement of academic technologies and support. 


Technology training is available by appointment or on a walk-in basis, as well as online. Check the Faculty/Staff Development Calendar, published each semester, for scheduled training sessions; the online version is available at Individualized training in classroom technology and many commonly used software packages is available through the ITD lab (7471). 

Classroom Technology

All classrooms at SVSU are equipped with projection systems, and most have smart or mini podiums that include PCs, DVD players, VCRs, document cameras, Internet access, and data projectors. Classrooms with basic technology packages have projection systems and Internet access, but instructors must bring laptops. (Laptops and other equipment can be checked out of the ITD Lab for instructional purposes.) If you have problems with the technology during class, you may call the instructional technology office using the classroom phones. The phone number is posted in the rooms.

Computer Labs

SVSU maintains a number of open computer labs for student use and a number of computer labs for teaching purposes. The current technology installed in the various computer labs is posted at: computer labs.

Outlook (Email)

Faculty and staff (as well as students) at SVSU use the Outlook email system. All faculty are expected to check their Email accounts regularly because the University email system is the primary means of communication for students, faculty, and administration.

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is a learning management system used at SVSU . Instructors can organize their classes and class content in Canvas so that students can find materials they need quickly and easily. Canvas also lends itself well to making classes more collaborative and engaging through tools, discussions, and media sharing.

Personal Web Space

Faculty have access to personal web space where they may develop and post personal web pages.

Office Computers & Software

Computers in faculty offices are on a (roughly) four-year replacement cycle. Printers and other peripherals are not part of that cycle and are the responsibility of the departments or colleges. Upgrades in software can be ordered using a standard purchase requisition form. Depending on the license agreements, there may be costs associated with upgrades, which are borne by the departments. If you have special hardware or software needs, contact Mike Holliday (7140) for assistance.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available across campus. For information or assistance on accessing the wireless network, contact the ITS Support Center at x4225.

Technology Support Center / Help Desk & Services

SVSU maintains a 7 day a week computer Support Center. If you have hardware or software problem (other than training) in your office or at home, you can call them for help. Hours of service and phone numbers as well as a complete list of technology services are posted at:

Technology Policies

The SVSU technology policies, including the overall Internet and Network Services Acceptable Use Policy are posted at: policies.

SVSU Portal

SVSU has a web portal called my SVSU that allows users to access a website to access information in one place. Each user will see an environment unique to them based on their affiliations with SVSU.