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2019 Equity in the Classroom conference


"Parents for Transition"

Poster presentation by Tamiko Garrett is available throughout the conference.

Parents for Transition is an 8-week program that was created to assist parents transitioning children with disabilities particularly invisible disabilities.  (Invisible disabilities are conditions that when you look at a person, you cannot tell that they have a disability (i.e., Autism, and Dyslexia).  During the 8-week program parents will be assisted in developing realistic goals for their child after high school graduation, learn what Special Education Laws may pertain to their child’s disability, what services and supports their child may be eligible for and guide the parent on how to teach their child how to ask for services and supports on their own. 

“Why LEAD? Assessing and Evaluating the LEADership Minor at EMU

Poster presentation by Clyde Barnett III is available throughout the conference.

While the LEADership minor at EMU has made substantial progress since inception, the program is now in need of critical assessment and evaluation. This project aims to determine strategies that advances the program and contributes to scholarship on leadership education.

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