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Early Childhood Education (Elementary Level Certification)


Early Childhood Education (General & Special Education)

Endorsement Code:


Available To:

Elementary-level certified teachers

Description of Endorsement:

An Early Childhood Endorsement for teaching children ages birth to age 8 is available for interested students who would like to add the “ZS” endorsement to their elementary education teaching certificate. An Early Childhood Endorsement is increasingly becoming a requirement for employment in private and public school districts for kindergarten, first, and second grades. Teachers of state funded four-year-old readiness programs in public schools must have an Early Childhood Endorsement. The Michigan State Board of Education recommends an endorsement for kindergarten. Candidates with a “ZS” endorsement will be able to teach in non-categorical early childhood special education (ECSE classrooms and B-3 home visiting programs). Please note this is not a Special Education K-12 endorsement. Interested candidates must schedule an appointment with a certification advisor in the College of Education to review course work and state testing requirements for the endorsement and discuss how this program will develop into the Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

The 500-level courses required for the Early Childhood Education endorsement may be used toward the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) - Early Childhood Education degree program. All coursework toward a graduate degree must be completed within a seven year period.

Associated MTTC Test:

106 Early Childhood Education (General & Special Education)

(Students should indicate SVSU Institution Code #24 when registering for the MTTC test.)

Required Coursework:

To avoid taking courses not needed, students are encouraged to first meet with the College of Education Certification Advisor to review undergraduate coursework and determine a plan of study.


TE 582 Language Development in the Early Years Birth - 8 3 cr
TE 590 Early Childhood  Education and Leadership 3 cr
TE 591 Assessing the Young Child 3 cr
TE 592 Early Childhood Curriculum 3 cr
TE 595 Infants and Toddlers 4 cr
TE 596

Literacy Development for Young Children

3 cr
TE 597 The Young Child in the Home, School and Community 3 cr
TE 598 Practicum in Early Childhood Education 3 cr
TE 693 Methods in Early Childhood Special Education 3 cr

Upon completion of all program requirements, students must submit a completed endorsement application on the MOECS website at to add this endorsement to their teaching certificate.

While the above information represents the most current advising information available, be aware that certain factors may change affecting the validity of this information, such as changes mandated by the Michigan Department of Education. For this reason, students are STRONGLY advised to consult a certification advisor frequently throughout the duration of their program.

Last Updated: March 6, 2024

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