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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT): Early Childhood Classroom Teaching Courses / Curriculum


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Early Childhood Classroom Teaching (M.A.T.)

Early Childhood Core (30 cr)

  • TE 582 - Lang Acquisition-Disorders-Interven B-8 3 cr
  • TE 590 - Develop Approp Practice & Assessment 3 cr
  • TE 592 - Curriculum for Birth-Kindergarten 3 cr
  • TE 593 - Math/Science Experiences for B-K 3 cr
  • TE 595 - Infants & Toddlers 3 cr
  • TE 596 - Literacy Development for Young Children 3 cr
  • TE 597 - Young Child in Home/School/Community 3 cr
  • TE 693 - Methods in Early Childhood Special ED 3 cr
  • TE 695 - Family Service Models for Early Intervn 3 cr
  • TE 698 - Practicum for Birth-Kindergarten 3 cr

Electives (3 cr)

  • TE 587 - Technology in Early Childhood 3 cr
  • TE 588 - Strategies Diverse Learners Early Chldhd 3 cr
  • TE 594 - Administration of Early Childhd Program 3 cr
  • TE 599 - Individual Child Study 1-3 cr
  • TE 609 - EC Policy & Practice Internship 3 cr

Capstone (3 cr)

Must be taken in the last nine hours of the program.

  • TE 611 - Research in Early Childhood Education 3 cr

Endorsement Requirements

Early Childhood (General and Special Education) Teacher Certification

Candidates who complete the 30 credit Core of Graduate Early Childhood courses and achieve a passing score on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (Birth-Kindergarten) will have met the criteria for teacher licensure in the state of Michigan. Additionally, this program can be added as an Early Childhood Endorsement for candidates with an existing teaching certificate. Teachers of state funded four year-old readiness programs in public schools must have an Early Childhood Endorsement or teaching certification that includes preschool. The Michigan State Board of Education recommends an endorsement for kindergarten. Candidates with this teaching certificate/endorsement will be able to teach in non-categorical early childhood special education (ECSE classrooms and B-3 home visiting programs). Please note this is not a Special Education K-12 endorsement. Interested candidates must apply to the Graduate Program in the College of Education. For more information, please schedule an appointment with program faculty to review course work and state testing requirements for the endorsement and discuss how this program will develop into the Early Childhood Master of Arts in Teaching degree.




Graduate Admissions
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MAT: Early Childhood Classroom Teaching Program Coordinators
Debra Lively
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Anne Tapp
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Tanika Williams
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
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