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Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL)

Helping regional manufacturers become more successful while spending less money - now that's a formula for success. It's the formula that has made SVSU's Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) such an integral part of the Saginaw Valley's manufacturing community for more than 20 years.

"We consider the ITL to be a regional gem. Tri-county businesses ... should be using the ITL as a key resource for R&D and quality support. It's a partnership that makes sense."

Rob Monroe

Gougeon Brothers, Inc.
Bay City

The ITL offers testing in a number of areas:

  • Physical testing
  • Chemical testing
  • Biological testing
  • Microscopy

Since its founding in 1982, the Independent Testing Lab has played a vital role in improving the local economy by providing analytical services and technical support. Housed within SVSU's College of Science, Engineering and Technology, the lab's primary function is to provide regional business and industry with access to the latest laboratory equipment necessary to improve existing products and bring new products to market. It has capabilities for mechanical, chemical and biological testing and uses the American Society of Testing Materials test procedures. It's also a hotbed of student participation, giving companies access to some of the brightest young minds while affording students the opportunity to experience real-world problems and real-time solutions.

Mention ITL to area businesses who use its services and you'll hear the same words used over and over to describe it, words such as: creative, convenient, responsive, economical, flexible and problem solvers.

"Our focus is regional," explains Bruce Hart, former ITL manager. "We're helping our manufacturing community become more successful through testing, product development, and process development." The lab has collaborated with nearly 100 companies in Michigan ranging from large corporations to small family businesses and startups. The ITL is a perfect match for smaller companies that otherwise would not have access to such facilities. For larger companies, whose testing labs are overloaded or miles away, the Independent Testing Lab provides convenience while saving time and money. Many clients view Saginaw Valley's laboratory as an extension of their own facilities.

Not only do companies gain access to instrumentation and lab space, but as an added value, they gain access to SVSU's faculty and staff or experts including up-and-coming student employees, Hart says. These student assistants receive experience that is so valuable when they make the transition to industrial science and engineering positions. "We are educating the next generation of chemists and engineers."

After all, he explains, "Healthy businesses and industries are good for the university and good for the community."

The Independent Testing Lab.

Real people. Real results.

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