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Winter 2014 SE&T Colloquia

All presentations will be in P-240 on Tuesdays from 4:10-5:00pm. Refreshments will be served at 4:00pm

February 4


New insect species discovered in Michigan and elsewhere (56KB)

Dr. Steve Taber, Department of Biology

February 18


On a measure of the distance to l1(2) Space (101KB)

Dr. Hasan Al-Halees, Department of Mathematical Sciences

February 25



Redox Properties of Ruthenium Vinylidene Complexes (58KB)

Dr. Michael Shaw, Department of Chemistry, Southern Illinois University

Host:   Dr. Adam Warhausen

March 11


Precipitation structures at reactive interfaces (57KB)

Dr. Jason Pagano, Department of Chemistry

March 25



An Overview of the Manhattan Project (122KB)

Dr. Cameron Reed, Charles A. Dana Professor of Physics, Alma College

Host:   Professor Laurie Reed

April 1



Combinatorial Structure of Finite Frames (58KB)  

Dr. Sivaram Narayan, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Central Michigan University

Host:   Dr. Hasan Al-Halees

April 8



A Noetherian local domain whose ideal completion is not Noetherian (164KB)

Dr. Simplice Tchamna, Department of Mathematics, Georgia College State University

Host:   Dr. Olivier Heubo-kwegna


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