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SE&T Colloquium Series

Winter Semester 2012

All talks will be in Pioneer-240, Tuesdays from 4:10--5:00pm, unless specified otherwise; refreshments will be served at 4:00pm.

January 17



Metal complexes for inhibition of the 26S Proteasome in tumor cells (59KB)

Speaker: Dr. Claudio Verani, Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University

Hosts:  Dr. Stephanie Brouet and SVSU Chemistry Club

January 31

Discovery and Development of Nickel-Catalyzed Reactions (58KB)

Speaker: Dr. John Montgomery, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan

Hosts:  Dr. Stephanie Brouet and SVSU Chemistry Club

February  7 Incremental Fuzzy C-Means for Large Scale Data (124KB)

Speaker: Dr. Timothy Havens, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University

Host: Dr. Morteza Marzjarani

February 28

Silica gardening at SVSU (58KB)

Speaker: Dr. Jason Pagano, Department of Chemistry, SVSU

 March 13

Why Physics? (124KB)

Speaker: Dr. Matt Vannette, Department of Physics, SVSU

 March 27

Exploring the Coordination Chemistry of N, N, N', N'-Tetrakis(2-hydroxyethyl) ethylenediamine in Polynuclear Manganese Cluster Chemistry (79KB)

Speaker: Dr. Arpita Saha, Department of Chemistry, SVSU

 April 3

The Future of Gardening (128KB)

Speaker: Professor Ed Meisel, SVSU Greenhouse Director, Department of Chemistry, SVSU

 April 10

Planets, Planets Everywhere! (122KB)

Speaker: Professor Laurie Reed, Department of Physics, SVSU

 April 17

An Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (59KB)

Speaker: Dr. Tai-Chi Lee, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, SVSU


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