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SE&T Colloquium Series

 Fall Semester 2011

Sept. 13              A new insect species discovered in Michigan (54KB)

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Taber, Department of Biology, SVSU
Sept. 20

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind (117KB)

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Affholter, Dow Entrepreneur-in-Residence, SVSU
Host:   Dr. Deb Huntley

 Oct. 4

GenSAS-An Online Integrated Genome Sequence Annotation Pipeline (84KB)

Speaker: Dr. Il-Hyung Cho, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, SVSU

 Oct. 11 Fast Regular Expression Matching using Small TCAMs for Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (55KB)

Speaker: Dr. Alex Liu, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University

Host: Dr. Tai-Chi Lee

 Oct. 18 Hybridation Overlap of Chemistry and Poetry Orbitals (53KB)

Speaker: Dr. Pasquale Di Raddo, Department of Chemistry, Ferris State University

Host: Dr. Jason Pagano

 Oct. 25 New Methods for the Efficient and Flexible Oxidation of Hydrocarbons (128KB)

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Schomaker, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin

Hosts: Dr. Ken Kearns and SVSU Chemistry Club

 Nov. 1 Some Thoughts on Post-von-Neumann Computing (53KB)

Speaker: Dr. Jürg Gutknecht, Department of Computer Science, ETH Zürich
Host: Dr. Alan Freed

 Nov. 8

Environmental Carcinogens and their impact on human health (96KB)

Speaker: Dr. Plammoottil Cherian, Department of Biology, SVSU

 Nov. 15

Option Pricing with Transaction Costs and Stochastic Volatility (140kB)‌

Speaker: Dr. Emmanuel Ncheuguim, Department of Mathematical Sciences, SVSU


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