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FAQ's for Students

1. Do I need to register for an account in Tk20?

Students do not register for an account themselves, rather the College of Education submits a list of student names to Watermark Support for new student account activation at the beginning of each semester. Once Watermark has activated a student’s Tk20 account, he/she will receive an email in his/her SVSU email account between the 2nd and 3rd week of the semester confirming the activation. If you need a Tk20 account and did not receive a confirmation email from Watermark Support, first check your junk and/or spam email folders for an email from Watermark Support. If you did not receive the email, please contact the SVSU Campus Financial Services Center at 989-964-4900 or to verify that you have paid the Tk20 subscription fee. If the fee has been paid and you have not received an email regarding the activation of your account, please contact the SVSU Tk20 Help Line at

2. What is the difference between an application and a student account in Tk20?

An application account is used by pre-education majors who are completing an application for TE 100 or TE 101, admission to the Teacher Education Program, and by Early Admits that are seeking permission to begin the TE or TEMS professional studies. There is no charge to the student to create an application account.

The student account is used after students have been admitted to either the Teacher Education Program, Accelerated Certification Program with Residency, an endorsement, graduate degree, or special education administration approval program. The student account is where students upload assignments, case studies, research projects, and artifacts for TE, TEMS, EDL, and/or ETD courses.

3. How do I access Tk20 to complete the application for TE 100/TE 101

Instructions for Completing a TE 100 Application (106KB)

4. How do I access Tk20 to complete an application for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Please note: Early admits follow this same process to access the application to begin the professional studies.

Tk20 TEP Application Instructions (294KB)

5. How do I access Tk20 to complete the application for student teaching?

Students submitting an application for their general and special education student teaching must use their SVSU username and password (the same log in credentials used to log into their SVSU email and Canvas accounts).

6. I am a graduate level student. How do I log into Tk20?

Click Tk20 How to Log In (147KB)  step-by-step instructions.

7. Are all COE students required to subscribe to Tk20? 

No. A subscription to Tk20 is only required for students who are enrolled in a degree, post-baccalaureate teacher certification program, endorsement, or special education administration approval program. See Tk20 Participating Programs (42KB) . If your program is not listed, then you are not required to subscribe to Tk20. If you change to a program that requires access to Tk20, a student account will be activated during the semester you change your program of study. A billing statement is not mailed out. The charge for the subscription fee will show up in your tuition account in mySVSU and payment is due once the billing is applied to the account.

8. How do I know what program I am officially enrolled in?

To check what program of study you are officially enrolled in, log into mySVSU, go to your profile, and under the “Academics” section click on “My Academics”. Your program of study with sub plan/concentration should be listed there.

9. How much is the subscription fee for Tk20?

The subscription fee is $106.00 and it is billed to your tuition account the semester you are accepted to your program of study.

10. Will financial aid cover the subscription cost for Tk20?

Depending on your financial aid package, the subscription cost for Tk20 may be covered. Please consult with an adviser in the SVSU Campus Financial Services Center at 989-964-4900 or to determine if this fee is covered.

11. I forgot my username, what do I do?

If you are trying to access your application account, you will use the username that Tk20 assigned to you when you created your application account (e.g., asmith0000). If you cannot remember your username, please send an email to to request a reset of your application account. You must use your SVSU email account to make the request.

If you are trying to access your student account, you will use your SVSU username. The username is the prefix of your SVSU email account (e.g., asmith NOT If you cannot remember your username, please send an email to for assistance. You must use your SVSU email account to make the request.

12. I forgot the password I used to create my application account, what do I do?

Contact us at and request that your application account in Tk20 be reset. Information will be sent to you on how to access your application account after it has been reset. You must use your SVSU email account to make the request.

13. I forgot my SVSU password to access my student account, what do I do?

Do not use the Tk20 system to change your SVSU password. If you attempt to do so, you will lock yourself out of Tk20. Please use SVSU's system to change/reset your SVSU password. Go to An online tutorial on how to change/reset your password is located online at You can also contact the SVSU IT Support Center at 989-964-4225 for assistance. You must use your SVSU email account to make the request. This change could result in being locked out of Tk20 for up to one week.

14. What happens if I change my SVSU password during the semester?

If you change your SVSU password during an active semester, you will not be able to use your new password to log into Tk20 until the following Monday. You should  be able to access Tk20 using your old password until then. If you cannot access the system, contact us at Please use your SVSU email account to send the email.

15. Is Tk20 available on both MACs and PCs?

Tk20 is a web-based product that is accessible to both MAC and PC users.

16. What kind of web browser should I use to access Tk20?

While the system works well with most browsers, Tk20 recommends Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox for optimal use. If you are working on a Linux platform. The use of Internet Explorer is not recommended.

17. Is the system secure and confidential?

Yes, Tk20 is secure and confidential. No one will have access to your files except you, your SVSU instructors, and the Tk20 Unit Administrators who are COE faculty and administrative staff members.

18. How long will I have access to my files in Tk20?

Your Tk20 subscription is effective for seven (7) years from the date you pay your subscription fee. If you graduate or finish an academic program and start a new program within that seven year time period, your Tk20 account can be used for the new program of study.

19. How do I locate any pending assignments from my professor?

Assignments will appear in the “Pending Tasks” area of your Home tab; they are indicated by a red flag to the left of each pending task. Optionally, you can find pending coursework by clicking on the Courses tab > click on the course number > Activities sub-tab.

20. What do I do if one of my courses does not appear in Tk20?

The Tk20 system is updated on a weekly basis and if your course is not currently displayed it may appear in a few days. Please contact the Tk20 Help Line at if the issue persists.

21. How do I recall an assignment?

If you submitted an assignment for a course that was the wrong one or you want to edit the one submitted, you can recall the assignment by using the following steps:

1) Click on the Courses in the side menu.
2) Click on Coursework located in the side menu below.
3) Click on Assignments in the side menu below.
4) Place a check mark next to the assignment you want to edit, then click on the Recall button.
5) Click on Save or Submit when you have completed making changes.

You can only recall an assignment that has been submitted and not yet assessed. If the assignment is in the process of being assessed, you will need to contact your instructor to grant an extension and reopen the assignment for you.

22. How do I recall  a field experience binder?

To recall a submitted field experience binder, place a check mark corresponding to the name of the assignment that you would like to recall and then click on the recall button present at the top of the page. 

If you are unable to recall the field experience binder from your end, then it means that your instructor has started its assessment. In that case, you would need to contact them to grant you an extension, in order to make the binder editable for you.

23. Who do I contact if I have additional questions about Tk20?

Contact us at

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