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Special Education Student

Clinical Experience

Candidates are required to complete a clinical experience at the end of their endorsement program.  Candidates must file an application for student teaching or a practicum with the Office of Clinical Experiences.  Applications must be filed electronically during the month of November for the following Fall Semester and during the month of March for the following Winter Semester.  Questions related to student teaching or practicum experience can be directed to the Office of Clinical Experiences at (989) 964-7109.  (See the SPED Information Sheet for Applying (132KB) ‌.)

Please note:  Students who are currently teaching full time in a special education classroom may be eligible to do their student teaching or practicum experience in their own classroom if they meet certain requirements (i.e., must have four students on your caseload whose educational label matches the endorsement that you are seeking, must have the support of your district which is indicated in the letter you provide, must have a mentor who is endorsed in the area you are seeking endorsement.)

By submitting the application, you give the Office of Clinical Experiences permission to duplicate this form and share the information with the cooperating school district.

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