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Students Smiling at Graduation

Soaring to the Future

Congratulations to you! You have completed year one (or more) of college. Take a deep breath and hang on! We are just getting started! There is so much to think about when you consider with the rest of your time at SVSU - and beyond. Below we have complied a few resources to get you thinking about what's next and help you soar!

Take flight and explore even more of what SVSU can offer you:

You have mastered how to college in so many ways, but there is so much more to learn outside of the classroom! Getting involved builds connections, your resume, and gives you experiences you will remember your entire life! Learn about organizations, events, and more at SVSU Engage! Getting involved helps you connect with peers and find your true passion. There's something for everyone!

Want to learn more on the go? Download the Corq app on your phone to find out what's up. (Hint: Hungry? You can even filter by if events have food!)

When you graduate from SVSU, you will for sure want a great job, but building your resume and getting ready for this important step starts now! Learn what experiences you will need to be qualified in your field. Get internships, co-ops, or part-time jobs. Practice with a mock interview and get the resume looking perfect! Connect with Career Services often to ensure you are ready to SOAR!

Getting connected on-campus is just one way to expand your horizons! Participating with Study Abroad or getting involved in service are two more ways to make sure you are prepared to work with the multitude of cultures within and beyond our SVSU community. Consider one or both options!

UGRP? What does that even mean? UGRP stands for Undergraduate Research Programs and allows our students to do graduate-level research now! Consider studying your passions and interest more deeply than you may have imagined at the undergraduate level. Check out if UGRP is right for you!

College is hard work - but it is sooo worth it in the end! Make sure you do the things that keep you succeeding both in and out of the classroom. Take advantage of the opportunities that surround you! You are going to do amazing things, both today and for your future!


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