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Roberts-Gilbertson Fellowship Program of Distinction

Photo of students in the program of distinction for 2023

The Roberts-Gilbertson Fellowship Program engages a select group of approximately 10 outstanding SVSU undergraduates from a wide range of disciplines for an entire academic year in three-hour weekly seminars, a year-long service project of their own creation, and interactions with campus and community leaders, culminating with an international travel experience. Exploring diverse cultures and perspectives is a hallmark of the program. The program has a strong focus on leadership from a global perspective, as well as on encouraging participants to pursue more ambitious professional goals than they might have previously considered. They find their experiences to be life-changing and inspiring as they enter graduate school and a broad range of careers.

Tuition and fees for the weekly seminars and international travel costs are paid for by the Roberts-Gilbertson Fellowship Program through the Saginaw Valley State University Foundation.

To apply:

  1. Click HERE to go to the Roberts-Gilbertson Fellowship application page
  2. Log in with your SVSU username and password.
  3. Recommendation forms can be found on the right. 
  4. Click on “Submit Application" to begin your application.