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Researcher: Charles Weaver, Ph.D.

My name is Charles Weaver and I am a Neuroscientist in the Department ofCharles Weaver Health Science at SVSU. I have been a faculty member since the Fall of 2011, and had previously served as a research fellow at the Field Neurosciences Institute. I earned my BS and MS in Psychology at the Central Michigan University, and my PhD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. My students and I are currently engaged in attempts to generate Alzheimer-type tau protein pathology in primary cortical neurons as a result of infection. We employ a variety of biochemical techniques (Western blotting, immunocytochemistry, chromatography, precipitation) to reveal changes in tau that may give clues as to the disease mechanism. I am a student advocate, and have been involved in the training of pre-college students, undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students.


Dr. Charles Weaver
202 Health and Human Services
(989) 964-4925