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Henrietta Nwokeabia

“As a resource, Multicultural Student Affairs has provided me guidance on how to do events, has sponsored programs and helps students put ideas out there. Also, the office shows support on the day of events – Dr. Garcia shows up to events and provides encouragement along with support. Also, the office is a safe space for me. Everyone in the office has something to offer me and is just a safe place on-campus for students in general. As an international student, the programs offered by the office raise my level of consciousness of cultures in the U.S. and on-campus.”

Hawra Ali

"The office of Multicultural Student Affairs has always been a great resource for diversity issues and social justice on both academic and personal levels. It is a good path for interacting and cooperating with other students, staff, and faculties from diverse backgrounds, which provides the opportunity to learn and enrich our human experiences in order to move forward with the community. Being able to immerse myself in a diverse community is my favorite part - it definitely has deepened my love of exploration and my positive curiosity in knowing others and understanding life with its different aspects.”

Clarence Massey

“While being a student at Saginaw Valley State University I had the misfortune of losing both of my parents and dealing with the uncommon conflicts of a typical college student. Fortunately, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs is more than just an office. It is a comfort zone that not only cares about my academics but my well-being and my success. The office provides programs that strategically provide value to my community and my future career. What a privilege to have such a huge asset to a university that is small in size. Thanks to such whole-hearted students and staff members who work so hard to not just be four walls within a building.”

Berenice Barba

“The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) holds one of the best resources I had during my undergraduate career - Dr. Roberto Garcia. The office has given me the opportunity to not only tell my story but also further my education. It has provided me with resources to connect and build relationships with other professionals. OMSA has given me opportunities to excel academically and personally throughout my time at SVSU. The office will continue to be a great resource for my graduate career.” 

Gabe Kasper

“My favorite thing about the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs is the people. You will not find a group of people who are so down to earth, friendly, hardworking and kind anywhere else. They are truly here to make this campus and world a better place and you can see it with every program, initiative and action they take. The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs staff goes above and beyond – not just as professionals – but as friends and people too.”

Jessica Onwenu

“The value that I find in OMSA’s programs is real, true value. It’s open-mindedness. The programs offer real culture and experiences with programs with student organizations such as Latino Awareness Association and their Lotería program, which is a game similar to BINGO; I would not have known about it had I not attended the program.”

Nora Lipetzky

“The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs' programs are unparalleled. Dr. Garcia and his program coordinators develop and collaborate on events at SVSU that provide nuance and a better understanding of history and societal issues. Some of my fondest memories include attending a discussion with Wade Davis, a former NFL player and LGBTQ+ inclusion consultant.” 

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