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Gerstacker Fellowship Application and Selection Process

The selection program begins with the solicitation of nominations for the entering class of Gerstacker Fellows.  Letters are sent out in March to superintendents across the State to inform them of the purpose and scope of the program and to seek their nomination of outstanding teachers and administrators.  Notices are also sent to graduates of the Gerstacker Fellowship Program to encourage them to advise their superintendent and/or respective colleagues who would benefit from participation.

A superintendent or supervisor then submits a nomination form on behalf of that individual. The nominated individual is required to submit an electronic application  which includes a resume, the completion of several essay questions, and a colleague recommendation. 

All applications and supporting materials must be submitted electronically. The  application portal opens on May 1 and closes on May 31. The application portal tab is located on the Gerstacker Fellowship home page - upper right corner. Each candidate will receive an email notification of the receipt of the application packet. 

Up to twelve individuals are selected for each entering class.  Aside from the minimum requirement of a master’s degree, those individuals are selected on the basis of past academic, service and professional experience, the assessment by others as to their potential for excellence in leadership, and their ability to benefit from and contribute to the Program.

A selection committee is comprised of the Co-Directors of the Program and a team of graduates of the Gerstacker Fellowship Program. The committee reviews the applications and selects those individuals for interviews held on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University.  From the interview group, the new Gerstacker Fellows are selected by the end of June. An induction ceremony and is conducted in early November to welcome the new class of Gerstacker Fellows.

2024-2025 Tentative Fellowship Meeting Schedule

  • *September 12-13 — Planning to Lead
  • September date TBD — Public Policy in Education Day at the Hill-Lansing
  • *October 10-11 — Building a culture of Achievement
  • *November 7-8 — Communication Symposium/Introduction
  • *December 5-6 — Non-Traditional Schooling
  • *January 9-10 — Leadership Blueprint
  • *February 6-7 — Global Education
  • *March 6-7 — Diversity & Inclusion 
  • *April 3-4
  • *May 1-2
  • July date TBD — Retreat
  • Educational & Cultural International Travel date TBD — Location: Finland & Germany

*Please reserve typical rooms for about 15 people





Interim Co-Director of the Gerstacker Fellowship Program
Dr. Jill Waliczek

Co-Director & Executive Director of Governmental and Community Affairs
John L Kaczynski