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This is the new logo for the Dow Entrepreneurship Institute that has the new college name added.

This is the Dow Entrepreneurship Institute

  • Stimulates the creation of new business ventures, serves as a resource for business innovation research activities and promotes experiential opportunities for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • The Dow Entrepreneurship Institute at SVSU is funded by the Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow Foundation and by PNC Bank.


  Thank you very much for your interest and willingness to participate in The Dow Entrepreneurship Institute's programs, and we appreciate your understanding as we all manage through this difficult period of COVID-19. In response to the ongoing pandemic, all of our events for the Fall will be held virtually.



Upcoming Events:


Student Elevator Pitch Competition

Tuesday, November 17, 2020
6 p.m.

This is a picture of 3 elevators side by side with a light bulb in the middle one that refers to an elevator pitch.

We are bringing together entrepreneurs and small business supporters from across the region to make their 120 second pitch for a chance at winning up to $2,000 in funding.

Have a great idea of your own?  The competition is open to student owned businesses that have been in existence for one year or less as new start-up ventures.  Just have a well-thought out business idea?  You are welcome to apply!

Have an idea, but unsure if this event is a good fit for you? Please connect at and we will figure out a plan for this event, or for something else, depending on your needs!

Which new ideas will make the best pitch?  Connect with us virtually to cheer for your favorite startup ideas, check out the best pitches and network with the region's vibrant community of starters, supporters, makers and do-ers.


- 120 second pitch, no slides or props.

- The company or idea MUST be majority (over 50%) owned by students.

- Winning funds are to be utilized to start or propel business ventures.

- Previously existing businesses with current sales greater than $ 200,000 or that have received outside financing or institutional funding (Venture capital, private equity, etc.) greater than $ 100,000 are ineligible.

- Prior competitors in the Elevator Pitch Competition are not eligible to compete for prizes pitching the same business.  However, prior winners can compete pitching business ideas that were not presented in previous competitions.

The number of teams is limited; event organizers will review all entries for approval.  The PITCH COMPETITION REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 11:59 PM EST NOVEMBER 10th, 2020. 

Guests/Spectators can register through November 19th, 2020.

Registration does not guarantee acceptance into the competition.  Registered teams will be provided an additional form that must be completed and approved to be accepted into the competition. 

Please fill out the survey for competition entry HERE

Please fill out the registration below to participate as a Guest/Spectator HERE


 Login info will be provided


This is a picture of the logo for Womens Entrepreneurship Week 2020.

Life Lessons from Successful
Women Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
5:30 p.m.

This is a photo of Gina Adams.
Gina Adams
This is a photo of Wendy Bloembergen.
Wendy Bloembergen
GreenMark Biomedical
This is a photo of Stacey Feeley.
Stacey Feeley
This is a photo of Julia Winter.
Julia Winter
Alchemie, Inc.

Please join us for Women Entrepreneurship Week for our third annual panel. This panel includes Gina Adams, founder of a clothing innovation company called Wareologie; Wendy Bloembergen, VP of Clinical Affairs, at a regenerative treatment company, GreenMark Biomedical; Stacey Feeley, founder of a silicone tableware company, GoSili; and Julia Winter, founder of Alchemie, Inc., which is a company with digital learning tools. They will be discussing the challenges they had as they grew successful businesses. This online event will include a discussion with the panel and networking opportunities.

Register for this event HERE.





 This is a color logo of the Dow Entrepreneurship Institute


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