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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Project ECHO is an innovative health care program developed to treat chronic and complex medical conditions in rural and underserved areas by using teleconferencing technology. By using this interactive technology, Project ECHO bridges the gap between specialty care and providers in community and rural settings.

Project ECHO works by creating an effective and efficient way for community providers to interface with university specialists to receive guidance on treatment strategies and continuing medical education.

Project ECHO also builds the capacity of community providers and empowers them by building their knowledge and skills in specialty areas.

Extension for Community Health Care Outcomes.

Project ECHO is not for patients. Instead, Project ECHO is a service for providers in community health settings and providers who practice in rural areas. Patients are not actually seen during Project ECHO sessions. Instead, Project ECHO sessions let community providers connect to specialists at Saginaw Valley State University. Saginaw Valley State University specialists can help rural providers co-manage patients with common chronic conditions.

Providers who participate in Project ECHO can present their clinical cases to a specialist or simply join other providers in the spirit of learning or professional development (similar to grand rounds).

Project ECHO partners include:

  • Physicians,
  • Advanced practice clinicians,
  • Clinic nurses,
  • Medical assistants, and
  • Community health workers.

Please contact our ECHO Team at or 989-964-7161 for more information. Register here.

What type of patient questions can be presented?

  • Patients of all ages with: substance use disorder, patients with co-occuring disorders, patients with complex, co-morbid health and behavioral health conditions, patients with mental health conditions, patients who are on medication assisted treatment, a patient you suspect may have a substance use disorder or mental illness but is not yet diagnosed, patients who are just beginning treatment and those that have experienced treatment one or more times. 

Providers who join Project ECHO benefit from the following things:

  • Evidence-based, best practice guidance from specialists
  • Case-based "learning-loop"
  • Clinical update presentations from faculty
  • No cost CME, CEU, CE for participation
  • Live Q & A
  • Opportunity to translate new knowledge into practice to improve outcomes for chronic conditions commonly seen by primary providers

Even though Project ECHO does not directly serve patients, Project ECHO benefits patients by:

  • Giving patients improved access to specialty care,
  • Allowing patients to be treated locally by their provider, and
  • Reducing travel time to a specialist.

Yes. Providers who join Project ECHO have excellent opportunities to participate in research, surveys, and opinion polls.

Yes. Outcomes research is extremely valuable in order to demonstrate the success of our programs.

Project ECHO is FREE. There is no cost associated with participating with Project ECHO.

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