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Electrical Engineering Recommended Full-Time Course Sequence

(4 or 5 courses per semester)


ENGL 111 ENGL 112 ECE 216 Gen. Ed.
ECE 101   Phys II ECE 335
CS Elective Gen. Ed ECE 235 ECE 355
MATH 161 MATH 162 MATH 261 MATH 262
CHEM 111 Phys I   ME Elective
Gen. Ed. Gen. Ed. Gen. Ed. ECE Tech. Elective
ECE 318 ECE 358 ECE 453  
ECE 360 ECE 341 ECE 441 ECE 450
ECE 345 ECE Tech. Elective ECE Tech. Elective ECE 460
Math Elective Gen Ed. ECE Tech. Elective Design Project

*Number of courses per semester and time required to graduate may be reduced by also taking courses in summer.

Flexibility in taking courses is possible provided that:

  • prerequisites are satisfied and...
  • major courses are taken in parallel with general education courses

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