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Brain Research Lab

‌The research that the Brain Research Laboratory at Saginaw Valley State University is currently involved in revolves around approaches to understanding neuroplasticity after damage to the brain.


The work we do revolves around how the brain (and behavior) changes following traumatic brain injury.

  • Understanding the mechanisms that impact recovery following brain injury
  • Exploring how the context of the injury affects recovery
  • Developing and testing treatments in order to reduce (or eliminate) the consequences of traumatic brain injury
Several other areas include the role of the environment in neuroplasticity and how symptoms of anxiety and depression change following brain damage.


‌Students have always played a key role in the research conducted in the BRL. As a member of the lab, you will be involved in all aspects of neuroscience research, everything from animal care, surgery, and histology as well as data analysis, writing up the research, and presenting the data at local and national scientific meetings.

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Dr. Charles Weaver


202 HHS