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Shenyang Aerospace University

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Images from China: SAU/SVSU Art Faculty Exchange Exhibition 2020

January 13th - February 7th, 2020
Reception: Thursday, January 16th, 4 - 6 pm

This exhibition features work from the art faculty at Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) in Shenyang, China. SAU has a 2-2 Articulation Agreement with the SVSU Art Department in Graphic Design, allowing Chinese students the opportunity to spend two years at SVSU. The art program at SAU includes painting, visual communication design, animation, fashion design, and other areas in the design field.  For more information on exhibition...

Li Shaohong

a picture of hong shao li looking into the camera from an angle

My work is not inspired by God but rather the imagery is influenced by my dreams and memories from childhood. I have a passion for both history and tradition. Devices like the use of a dark background, empty rooms, and beautiful faces are intentional illogical references and correlate to Sontag’s "anti-interpretation" in my work. By distinguishing and including the dark side with a sense of history the viewer can infer respectful enthusiasm in the moment and gain insights from a neutral perspective which enables them to relate to the artist and his work. 

Graduated from the Fine Arts College of Northeast Normal University in 1993.

Associate professor and postgraduate tutor at the School of Design and Art of Shenyang Aerospace University. 

In 2012,
solo exhibition at the "Nopitom Gallery", USA
solo exhibition at the "Salmon Art Gallery", USA
solo exhibition entitled "Empty" at the "Gallery-space da" in Beijing, CHINA

In 2015,
solo exhibition entitled "Nothing New" at the "East Space Gallery" in 798 Art District, Beijing, CHINA

In 2019,
exhibition of Chinese and Korean art works entitled "Heyin (Chord)" at the Liaohe Art Museum, CHINA

Liu Wei

a picture of artist liu wei standing in front of artwork, his arms are crossed in front of him

China is the first country to use natural lacquer in the world, the main material of lacquer art is natural lacquer. Chinese has a history of more than 7,000 years in production and use of lacquerware, so it is said that China is the hometown of lacquerware.

Every stage of the development of Chinese lacquerware art is closely linked with the material culture and spiritual culture at that time, just like my artistic life track, there is an intersection and invisible connection with Chinese lacquerware art. It seems that the chance of meeting, in fact, it is an inevitable existence.

Fate of the object
Lacquerware art was so pure and simple at the time of its creation, all of which originated from the beginning of creation.

Fate of the mountain
The vast territory and diversity of natural landscapes have nurtured my natural feelings of praising and praising famous mountains and rivers. The external calmness contrasts the internal endless tension of life, which is not only the ontological attribute of high mountains but also my artistic pursuit.

Fate of the leaf
The luxuriance of branches and leaves is due to the abundance of roots and stems. The accumulation and growth of life finally condense into pieces of essence, which, though insignificant, but it can highlight the solemnity of life. The same is true of art, which is meticulous and extensive. It not only reflects the integration of micro and macro but also reflects Chinese philosophical thinking of life.

Fate of the circle
The world view of harmony between man and nature, and the traditional belief of round Heaven and square Earth created a unique viewing angle for the Chinese people. From the corner scenes of mountains and rivers in the Southern Song Dynasty to the round windows of gardens in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, our vision is different from the past. In the perfect inches, the sun and the moon can shine together, the sky and the sea can merge; we can play with stone and enjoy lotus, we can contemplate creatures; maybe birds and insects screaming, maybe ten thousand horses galloping.

Chinese culture
My lacquer art creation closely revolves around the spirit of Chinese culture, the deep and rational realism spirit of northern culture and the rich and vivid romanticism temperament of southern culture are the inexhaustible motive force and abundant source of my creation. The ChiWen that subdues the fire demons is mysterious, the brackets that from a connecting link between the preceding and the following is well-proportioned, revealing the beauty of ancient Chinese architecture, and the magnificent and strong horses of Ferghana valuable breed, who can glimpse the implicit richness and profound inner world of the heroic and heroic men.

Fate is decided by heaven, and the result depends on human beings. The relationship between me and lacquer art does not need to be deliberately arranged but only needs to be stepped on. Fortunately, I am already on my way.


February 17th - March 13th, 2020


Thursday, February 27th

4 - 6 p.m.

This exhibition features work from current SVSU Art Department students, majors and minors.  A variety of mediums will be showcased including but not limited to photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design and more. 

 Students exhibiting will be posted shortly.

All gallery exhibitions, lectures and receptions are free and open to the public. Click the following link for open gallery hours or call (989) 964-2291. The University Art Gallery is located in the Arbury Fine Arts Center on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University,

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