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Occulted: Prints and Animations by Heather D. Freeman

Spell to Draw Bee Banner

Shown: Still from animation Spell to Draw Bees

October 17 - November 12, 2022
Public Lecture: October 27th, 3 p.m.   Reception: October 27th 4 - 6 p.m.

Since the inception of the scientific method, politics, political religion, blind-sighting skepticism, and the violent desire for the accuracy of a (false) hypothesis have all perverted this system's elegance and effectiveness. Today, both academe and industry struggle with their own demons to preserve the scientific method, in order to discover "Truth". Freeman looks for "Truths", myths, superstitions and expectations of the past to see where reality may lie -- but also to point out and accentuate its occasional absurdity. The mixed media drawings postulate, explore and divulge these ideas-thereby forming, simultaneously the artists own applied mythologies and private science. These works are illustrations of these merged memories/dreams and are further merged with my waking critique upon them. Archetypes and myths unite with historical events and present the hazy quality of memory as sharp and transformative.

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