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Narrative: Rob Neilson and Lance Jackson

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August 19th - September 11, 2019
Lecture: September 5th, 3 - 4 p.m. in A107
Reception: September 5th, 4 - 6 p.m. in the UAG

This exhibition features sculptures by Rob Neilson and illustrations by Lance Jackson. Both artists explore the concept of narrative behind representations of public figures. Neilson uses abstraction in his sculptures, interested in what the viewer brings to the artwork instead of creating a faithful portrait. Jackson uses his journalistic background to present the figures along with the quotes those individuals are known for.

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Highlights from the exhibition preview published by Review Magazine

Lance Jackson <> grew up in Livonia downstate, studied painting and design at Washington University in St. Louis and then Rhode Island School of Design. Moving to California, by age thirty he was well established as an illustrator for a major daily newspaper.


Most importantly, students from area colleges and high schools should see and study this show as the proud evidence of someone who’s made a good living all his life drawing pictures for publication, applying his practiced painting and figurative chops to the innovative depiction of notable persons, our society and big ideas.  There are few full-time professional Illustrators on newspaper staffs nowadays, but skilled free-lancers are valued and kept busy.

Lance Jackson’s work will be paired at the University Gallery with Wisconsin sculptor Rob Neilson, also admirably abstracting and distorting portraits through a savvy combination of technology and sensibility, yet in three dimensions.  The exhibit was curated and designed by SVSU University Gallery Coordinator Tisch Lewis.

Read the full review by Prof. Mike Mosher at the Review Magazine website.

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