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12th Annual Student Show


The image used to promote the exhibition through print materials. The background has a circular scribble, and the text is aligned at an angle.

May 15 – June 16, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017
3:00 – 5:00 pm


The 12th Annual Student Show features works from current SVSU Art Department students, majors and minors. A variety of mediums are showcased including photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design and more. For this show, a total of fifty-six students submitted over a hundred pieces of art work.


Award Recipients

Best In Show

photo of paper mache figurative sculpture done by student brende henry and awarded best in show
Brende Henry, Match Point 
paper mache

Juror's Choice

photo of a collage done by student drew deming and awarded juror's choice
Drew Deming, Find an Edge
color-aid paper on illustration board

photo of an abstract painting done by student josh griffith and awarded juror's choice
Josh Griffith, Untitled Abstract
acrylic on canvas

photo of a cyanotype photo print done by student misty grumbley and awarded juror's choice
Misty Grumbley, William

photo of three vases done by student billy haboush and awarded juror's choice
Billy Haboush, Three Vases
coil built buff stoneware

photo of a relief print done by student shannon hardy and awarded juror's choice
Shannon Hardy, Our Neighbor's Gifts
woodcut relief print

photo of the cover of an art department comic book by student emely williamson and awarded juror's choice
Emely Williamson We Create:
The SVSU Art Department Comic Book
ink on paper, digital imaging

The following is a list of all art students who submitted work for the exhibition:

Nada Alfaraj
Zainab Alkhatem 
Khairiah Alfaraj
Maryam Almutrash
Fadk Aloqayly
Lujain Alshurfa
M.K. Asher
Mandy Brown 
Nyesha Clark 
Katie Godell
McKenzie Dempsey 
Drew Deming
Howie Eagle
Rachel Eichler
Danielle Georgiou
Jessica Gilbert
Josh Griffith
Paige Grunwald
Misty Grumbley

Shelby Hatt 
Shannon Hardy
Billy Haboush 
Brende Henry
John Keuvelaer
Samantha King 
Malory Kochanny 
Eric Kroczaleski 
Shayla Krygier
Zainab Ali Labbad
Katie Longoria
Jamie Loubert
Kallee Lynn
Kevin Markuszewski 
Elizabeth Makinen
Eric McGregor
James Molnar
Theressa Muhle
Robyn Nyhoff

Randi O’Connor
Cindi Ouellette 
Michael Randolph
Nadine Rewa
Alexandra Rose
Anna Slavin 
Sarah Stedman
Cody Shrader
John Sira
Lily Solgat 
Breonna Smith  
Rachel Stahl
Emily Stephens 
Ashlee Tigner
Shelby Townsend 
Jolie Wyse
Kaylene Wiggins 
Emely Williamson

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