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John Dempsey & Thom Bohnert

Dempsey/Bohnert Postcard

 John Dempsey & Thom Bohnert

August 24 - September 17, 2015‌


Thursday, September 3, 2015
3 - 4 pm


Thursday, September 3, 2015
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm




John Dempsey - Lecture Lecture - Thom Bohnert

This exhibition features art work by sculptor and ceramicist Thom Bohnert, from Flushing, Michigan and painter John Dempsey, from Flint, Michigan.  This exhibition will consist of sculpture, ceramics, drawings, paints and laser etched photos.  Both Thom Bohnert and John Dempsey have been producing studio work for over 40 years.  The work in this exhibition will survey their recent and will include a wide range of subject matter and materials.

Thom’s ceramic sculpture and drawings explore an extended performance space while referencing circus environments and play areas by combining figurative and abstracted shapes into open vessels of activity and interaction. They incorporate a variety of colorful, traditional and non-traditional ceramic materials such as glass, metal, clay, porcelain and wood.  Thom has also maintained a long, consistent and prolific production of mixed-media drawings many of which will be included in this exhibition.

 John’s work focuses on medium and large-scale paintings but also includes smaller scale drawings, watercolors, photo transfers and computer-aided, mixed-media work. The imagery includes a variety of natural and man-made environments combined into compositions that encourage comparison and questions as to how we experience space and our environment.

 Thom’s sculpture and drawing is rooted in the ceramic vessel as a volume and space as it expands into an arena and area of performance.

John’s work examines perspective as it relates to our experience and understanding of spaces and environs as we experience them in a series within paintings that present the illusion of spaces together and simultaneously.  These two bodies of work will present an exhibition that features two sustained visions as practiced over time within traditional studio disciplines.

John Dempsey  

Thom Bohnert

John Dempsey   Thom Bohnert - art work

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