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detail of day of the dead skull with ai enhanced sides to image

Gary Greenberg: More Things, RE: Stuff

Shown: Detail of Decantor and Shot set (enhanced with AI for size): Calaveras de Azúcar

October 16th - November 17th
Reception: October 26th 4-6 with an Artist Talk following at 6:30 pm

Brief Biography & Other Ceramic Stuff

I spent most of my formative years in the principal’s office, as my teachers didn’t appreciate nor understand the process in which I actualized my philosophy. Ceramics was pretty much the only thing I didn’t get sent to the office for doing, and since my parents met at the Chicago Art institute, my chances of being paleontologist or fireman were rather slim. I have been involved with ceramics for more than 52 years. This led me to pursue a BFA from Northern Illinois University, an MFA from Arizona State, and has resulted in my current position as Ass. Prof. Art/Ceramics and former department chair at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where I have been working quietly for the last 30 years on a variety of foil-fired, low-fired and wood-fired, art objects and vessels. My work has been featured in several publications, among these are “Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques”, Lark Books, 2004, “The Extruder Book”, American Ceramics Society, “The 2005 NCECA Clay National Catalog and “American Style” Magazine. Although I am very serious about producing work, I feel strongly that it should contain an element of humor, reflecting the absurdities of life in general and of art in particular. In that regard, all the time I spent in the principal’s office and all the time I spent watching the Three Stooges and The Marx Brothers wasn’t really wasted. I noted a strong component of "slapstick" all those endeavors.

“Im (sic) not interested in throwing or even sitting that low to the ground to create something made of

Talib Ransom (one of my former students)


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