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Into Second Year

You made it through year one! What to do to prepare for year two:

Nothing has to be written in stone yet, but the time is coming to pick a program of study! You only have about 3 semesters before you run out of general education classes and basic skills, so consider trying something in a field you are interested in in the fall. Spring and summer are a great time to start considering what major(s) or minor(s) you might want to pursue. We have so many resources to help you! Check out this link to learn about the FOCUS 2, "What can I do with my Major?", the SVSU catalog and more! Additionally, using experiences outside the classroom (such as summer jobs and internships) can help you decided what career area you want to pursue and what major would support you!

Know what career you are interested or what skills you are good at? Want to learn what major supports these? Undergraduate Research Program, or UGRP for short

Did you know there is more to college than going to class? I bet you did! But, how do you find out what great things there are to do at SVSU? Learn about organizations, events and more at SVSU Engage! Getting involved helps you connect with peers and find your true passion. There's something for everyone!

Want to learn more on the go? Download the Corq app on your phone to find out what's up. (Hint: Hungry? You can even filter by if events have food!)

You can get a degree by just going to class, but getting a deep and rich education requires you to go above and beyond! Doing undergraduate research, engaging in service learning, and getting internship will deepen your knowledge, build your resume, and teach you what service means to you. Check out the links below to get started!

Undergraduate Research Program, or UGRP for short

Community Engagement through Service Learning

Co-op and Intership Programs

Studying abroad enables you to see the world and learn about other cultures.  While abroad, you will be learning in a classroom setting, and you will also have the freedom and flexibility to explore and experience the city and country where you're studying - all while gaining a competitive edge in today's global society. Have the adventure of a life time! Click here to learn about our 100+ programs!

You made it through your first year! Congrats! Now you know more about what supports you need to be successful! Make plans to stay engaged with our support systems on campus throughout college and stay connected! Make sure you are seeking support from Click here to learn about our 100+ programs! as soon as you need them, Undergraduate Research Program, or UGRP for short programs, or talk to a Peer Advocate to see how we can get you connected with the support you need. We are here to help and support, just let us know what we can do!


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