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Registered Student Organizations

What Are RSOs?

RSOs are registered student organizations that are formed with a common objective. The topics of the organizations are boundless, some RSOs are focused on real world issue such as service and volunteerism while other organizations are social and exist simply to meet every week and play games together. Some of the organizations are academic and professional based which are focused on helping students succeed academically

Why Should I Join an RSO?

Not only are student organizations fun, and a great way to meet other students with similar interests, but they are also a great résumé builder. Students who are leaders of an RSO are able to show that they are active leaders in the SVSU community. RSOs give students the opportunity to graduate with a diploma and a résumé full of real experiences.

Greek life logo‌D‌‌oes SVSU have Greek organizations?

‌Yes.  Greek Life offers students an opportunity to become leaders in their individual organizations and on campus. These organizations focus on the personal, academic, and professional growth of their members, while also providing opportunities for service to the community and other philanthropic endeavors. View the Greek organizations active at SVSU using the category search field in the listing below.


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