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May 3, 2021

SVSU graduating seniors 2021: Saadman Bin Abdullah


mechanical engineering

Bangladesh native


Saadman’s story

Saadman Bin Abdullah, an international student from Bangladesh, has gained incredible knowledge from being a mechanical engineering student at SVSU. As a result, he wants to return home to help people gain access to clean energy and water.

A large amount of Bangladesh’s population lives in poverty, and there is a crucial need to generate and supply daily power to those underprivileged communities, he said.

Saadman’s main goal is to build a service start-up using artificial intelligence, which he said will help to locate, analyze and improve the power grid while also streamlining an efficient thermal management system across the nation.

With a desire to build his own organization, Saadman plans to utilize the power directly from photovoltaic, hydropower and recycled sources to make a huge impact on clean energy generation in one of the most polluted countries in the world.

In turn, Saadman hopes to create employment for thousands of people — of all education levels — and have a significant impact on reducing the poverty level in his beloved home nation.

We asked Saadman a series of questions. Here are his responses:


What was your favorite memory at SVSU?

“My favorite memory at SVSU has to be my involvement in the Career Services office. I got hired when I was just a freshman in my first semester. I have been there all these years, and still now, I am proud to be a part of it as the Senior Peer Career Adviser. It was the unparalleled guidance, support and training from my supervisors — especially (former assistant director) Tom Barnikow — which led me to be where I am today. I was able to help more than 4,000 people with their resumes, cover letters, interview skills and professional development. Meeting a diverse range of people, talking them about life decisions, and helping them achieve their professional goals is something that I will always keep close to my heart. Their joy and sense of accomplishment is what I will always hold dear, knowing that I had a small role to play in their extraordinary lives! I will always cherish that.”


What was your proudest accomplishment at SVSU?

“My proudest accomplishment at SVSU has to be co-authoring two published journal papers in thermal engineering. I owe it all to Dr. (Aneesha) Gogineni, (SVSU assistant professor of mechanical engineering), for believing in me and giving me the opportunities. It was because of my involvement in three of her fully-funded research grants, which gave me a strong foundation for my job applications. Now, I am currently working as a Project Engineer at Cech Corporation. It would never have been possible without the mechanical engineering department’s support and blessings.”


What advice would you give an incoming freshman at SVSU?

“My advice to freshman would be:

  •  Get involved with SVSU Career Services right from the start, as they will give wise guidance on how to improve your professional abilities and lead you to your desired career field.
  •  Never take opportunities for granted! One opportunity can open a realm of a hundred more opportunities.
  •  Always take advantage of the generous and vast number of resources at SVSU. Quite frankly, the amazing people who work here are here for you! They will do their best to get you where you want to go. Make sure you do your part!
  •  Last advice is for my international student fellows: At times, I know things may seem difficult; time may seem short, but remember, with the right mindset and being around the right people will take you to places beyond your imagination. Always choose wisely; decisions are key.”


What are your plans after graduation?

“My plan right after graduation is to remain at my current workplace. As there is potential for huge growth, and I am already directly managing a whole line of engineering products, I plan to put more work into my company and take it to new heights! In a couple years, I plan to enroll in a direct-PhD program, preferably in the Midwest region. With my education and the work I am doing, I hope to give back to the people who have given me so much! My ultimate goal is to head my own startup in the energy field, which would aim to help the millions of people in the underprivileged communities of my country, Bangladesh.”


The following are clubs, organizations, and accomplishments that highlight Saadman’s SVSU experience:

  • Member, International Student Club
  • Senior member, South Asian Student Association
  • Former president, Bangladeshi Student Association
  • Student member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Student member, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • President of PACE (Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence), National Society of Collegiate


  • 2-time recipient of an SVSU Undergraduate Research Program Scholarship
  • Recipient of Dow Professor Award Grant
  • Recipient of YES Alumni Scholarship
  • Recipient of President’s International Scholarship
  • Recipient of SVSU-Ming Chuan International Student Endowed Scholarship