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May 3, 2021

SVSU graduating seniors 2021: Morgan Esch


elementary/special education major

Alpena native


Morgan’s story

Morgan Esch was certain that she wanted her future career to involve children and assisting others. Her determination to combine the two passions has landed her tremendous success — already, in advance of her graduating from SVSU — working her dream job as an educator in her hometown.

Morgan earned a position as a special education teacher in the same school district that educated her in K-12: Alpena Public Schools.

Her success was achieved through many experiences and lessons. Her work ethic has flourished with developing lesson plans for her students and her knowledge of philosophy education.

Her educational aspirations don’t stop at earning a bachelor’s degree. She already has enrolled in SVSU’s Master of Arts in Teaching program specializing in special education. She hopes eventually to earn Doctorate of Education degree, with plans to potentially work in administration for a school district someday.

Her love for children’s educational growth has also inspired Morgan to want to write a series of informational books that focus on the English language.

We asked Morgan a series of questions. Here are her responses:


What was your favorite memory at SVSU?

“My favorite memory at SVSU was being on the Homecoming Court for 2019. I ran through Orientation Programs, and it was such a blast! Before I started college, I never imagined having enough confidence to run for Homecoming Queen, but SVSU allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. One part of the experience that was very special to me was my family and friends came to the game to support me, and it was so much fun to take them on a tour of campus and introduce them to everything I love about SVSU.”


What was your proudest accomplishment at SVSU?

“My proudest accomplishment at SVSU was being selected as an Orientation Leader, and then being promoted to a Senior Orientation Leader. This was one of my favorite roles on campus, and I loved every moment of it. It was an honor to have the role on campus, because I was one of the first people incoming freshmen and their families met who represented SVSU. I took a lot of pride in being an Orientation Leader, and was blessed with the best supervisor and co-leaders. I loved leading groups of freshmen, answering families’ questions, and meeting life-long friends.”


What advice would you give an incoming freshman at SVSU?

“There are some pieces of advice I would offer any incoming freshman at SVSU, and these are some of the things I always would tell my freshmen groups at Orientation. One would be to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It will bring plenty of opportunities that would not happen if you don’t try new things. This would include trying as many things as you can, because it will bring the most memorable experiences of college with the best of friends. I would also advise incoming freshmen to expect the best of things to happen at SVSU.”


What are your plans after graduation?

“I have a lot of plans for after graduation, and will not stop until I meet all of my dreams. I was recently hired by Alpena Public Schools as a special education teacher, and have been accepted into the Master of Arts of Teaching: Special Education program at SVSU. After completing my master’s degree, I have plans on getting my Doctorate of Education degree as I have plans on working in administration or higher education. Another goal I have planned to accomplish is to write a series of children books.”


The following are clubs, organizations and accomplishments that highlight Morgan’s SVSU experience:

  • Orientation Programs: Senior Orientation Leader
  • Center for Academic Achievements: tutor and front desk worker
  • Alternative Breaks
  • Member, Homecoming Court 2019
  • National Society of Leadership and Success
  • Forever Red
  • Cake Club