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March 19, 2020

SVSU coronavirus campus update concerning pass / no credit option for students

Covid-19 VirusDear students,

We know that the sudden move to online and remote instruction comes with uncertainty. You are concerned about your academic progress and rightfully so. We have decided to provide all undergraduate students with a pass/no-credit option for their classes this semester. We hope this will bring some peace of mind for many of you.

You will be able to select the “Pass” or “No-credit” option for any of your courses beginning in mid-April until after final grades are submitted, when you will know your letter grade for the course. Students who choose to accept their letter grade may do so. Students who pass their course and select the “pass” option will receive a grade of “P” and will receive credit for the course. Students who do not pass the course may select the “no-credit” option; they will not receive credit for the course, but it will not affect a student’s GPA.

Students will submit an online “Pass/No Credit” request form to the Office of the Registrar. We will notify you when the form is available.

We are still working through some of the finer details, and we will have more to say about this, but we wanted to share this information with you now, as we know many of you have been asking about this.

Please know that your instructors are working very hard to adapt to a teaching and learning environment that is new to many of them. We know it is new to many of you too. Please continue to work hard in your courses, and please be understanding and patient with yourself and your instructors.


Deborah Huntley, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs