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July 30, 2020

SVSU NEST Ambassador profile: Lauren Steen

Steen, LaurenOver the next few days, 100 enthusiastic students will begin orientation training in their roles as NEST Ambassadors. These individuals will assist with keeping the community healthy and safe, serving in one of three specialty areas: Student Experience, Information Technology, and Health and Wellness.

For the next few weeks, NEST Bulletin will spotlight members of this outstanding group, introducing them to the campus community they soon will engage as Ambassadors.

Today, that spotlight shines upon Lauren Steen, a fourth-year occupational therapy major from Peck. An enthusiast and participant in SVSU intramural volleyball, Steen joins the Health and Wellness division of the Ambassador program. Her orientation session is planned for later this week, but she was able to share some details about her role and motivations in the following Q&A session.


Q: As an Ambassador, you will be focusing on strengthening the mental health of your fellow students. Before accepting this job, you served as a behavior technician, working with elementary school-age children with autism. Also, you are an occupational therapy major. So, you seem to possess a passion for helping others. Where does that passion come from?


A: I’m in the occupational therapy program because I want to work with military veterans and wounded soldiers. My dad was in the Army and I have a lot of family in the military.

When I was a senior in high school, I helped my mom when she had thyroid cancer. I helped her go through recovery and survive that. It was a scary experience, but I learned I want to continue helping others. 

Q: What about being an Ambassador are you looking forward to?

A: I’m looking forward to helping others; especially helping freshmen so they feel adjusted and comfortable during uncertain times.

Q: What are your thoughts on the upcoming fall semester?


A: I’m excited to get the year started and get back on campus. I want to see the changes that are happening there, and I look forward to seeing students come back. I know people will support each other and come together.