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September 11, 2016

CAMPUS ALERT: Shooting Incident Near SVSU

Latest news and information regarding shooting incident near campus of SVSU in early morning hours of Sunday, Sep. 11, 2016


  • Counseling services are available to students through our Student Affairs office -- (989) 964-7078
  • Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Saginaw Central Dispatch -- (989) 797-4580
  • Hotline number for concerned parents or students -- (989) 964-4348
  • The five individuals injured are not SVSU students

---- Friday, Sep. 16 ----

President Bachand interview with [ link ]

---- Wednesday, Sep. 14 ----

Joint statement from SVSU and Campus Village apartments

Representatives of Saginaw Valley State University and Campus Village apartments met today to discuss how to improve safety and security for SVSU students and residents of Campus Village.  It was a productive meeting and all parties agreed to move forward with developing a memorandum of understanding between SVSU and Campus Village.  Both entities have had a continuing dialogue with the Saginaw County Sherriff’s Department and Michigan State Police.

The Campus Village apartment complex is private property under the primary jurisdictions of the Saginaw Sherriff’s Office and Michigan State Police.  SVSU, Campus Village, the Sherriff’s Office and Michigan State Police recognize their shared and independent responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of students, residents, and visitors.

Both parties agree that it is important and necessary for SVSU and Campus Village to work more closely together.  Both parties are working quickly to finalize details of this new memo of understanding. In addition, Campus Village is enhancing its own security procedures. SVSU, Campus Village, the Sheriff’s Department and others met last year and some enhanced safety measures were implemented as a result, but all parties recognize additional measures should be adopted to ensure a secure environment.
We will continue to update the campus community, residents of Campus Village, and the public as these plans take shape.

---- Monday, Sep. 12 ----

Statement from SVSU President Donald J. Bachand

Like many of you, I experienced a range of emotions this past weekend. I celebrated with many of you when our football team won in dramatic fashion in overtime. A few hours later, I was filled with concern upon learning that a shooting had happened at an apartment complex near campus where many of our students reside. Later, I was relieved to learn that none of the injuries were life-threatening and that none of those who were injured were SVSU students.

I want to make you aware of the university’s response to this unfortunate incident.

The campus community reacted well and immediately to the incident, implementing a campus-wide emergency alert within the first half hour. We have been communicating with and monitoring the media and social media aspects of the issue since the incident occurred. A key objective for us was to quickly confirm that the injured were NOT SVSU students.

We worked seamlessly with the Saginaw County Sheriff's office who had responded at the scene. I personally visited the scene of the incident afterwards with law enforcement offices.

An emergency hot line was set up before 5am to provide an option for students and parents to call for more information. It was staffed by Jim Muladore’s team and was efficiently utilized to respond to over 100 calls, providing information and calming concerned parents.

We understand the trauma that accompanies such an event, and we want to remind you of the counseling services available to students through our Student Affairs office. Please call (989) 964-7078 for more information.

Our key objective is to keep our campus and students safe. During the past academic year, Jim Muladore and I met with the owners of Campus Village and the sheriff's office to express our concerns with past safety issues. We continue to be disappointed with the lack of attention to this issue in close proximity to our campus and home to many of our students. We will continue to reach out to these individuals to re-prioritize safety issues.

As President of this institution, few things take priority over the security of our campus and the safety of our students. I am committed to the resolution of this incident and prevention of others like it. I welcome an open dialogue with you and the greater Saginaw community in the near future to ensure that SVSU remains a safe and secure home for all of us.

Please contact me should you have further questions or concerns.


Donald J. Bachand

---- Sunday, Sep. 11, 9:42 a.m. ----

Third Campus Alert

SVSU Alert:  SVSU has resumed normal operations this Sunday after a shooting incident that occurred off campus earlier this morning when five individuals were injured who were NOT SVSU students.

---- Sunday, Sep. 11, 5:12 a.m. ----

Second Campus Alert

SVSU Alert: This is an update to the former alert regarding a shooting incident near the SVSU campus around 2:00am today.  We have confirmed that no SVSU students were injured in the incident.  Law Enforcement officials are continuing their investigation.  It is our understanding that five people are confirmed injured, none fatal at this time.  No suspects have been apprehended yet.  The main suspect is described as a black male, early twenties, with dread locks and frosted blonde tips.  Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Saginaw Central Dispatch at 989-797-4580.  SVSU has arranged a special hotline number for concerned parents or students to call at 989-964-4348.  We will share further information when it becomes available.

---- Sunday, Sep. 11, 2:26 a.m. ----

First Campus Alert

SVSU Alert: At around 2:00am a shooting occurred near SVSU in the Cardinal Townhomes.  The shooters are still outstanding.  Students should stay in their residences until further notice.  The suspects are two black males, one wearing a red shirt with straight brim hat and the second is a black male with dread hair with frosted tips.  More information will be provided as it come to University police.  Anyone that sees the two suspects should call University police immediately.

counseling services available to students through our Student Affairs office. Please call (989) 964-7078 for more information.