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July 22, 2015

Limited tickets on sale for TED Talks-style event at SVSU

Saginaw Valley State University will host a speaker series and technology showcase in the style of the TED Talks videos made popular on social media. TEDxSVSU is scheduled Saturday, Aug. 1, from 9 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. in SVSU’s Rhea Miller Recital Hall.

Guest speakers scheduled to appear plan to discuss topics including smartphone security, how to be a good father, Pinterest, and how humans can learn from horses.

George Corser, SVSU assistant professor of computer science and computer information systems and faculty adviser for TEDxSVSU, is leading a team of SVSU student volunteers in organizing the event.

“My mission here is to present new ideas, as well as insightful, creative and uncommon perspectives to people who love learning,” he said. “We want to bring anybody interested in learning to this event, and introduce them to all sorts of topics.”

Tickets for TEDxSVSU are $25 and remain available. To purchase tickets, visit or call (989) 964-4295.

Tickets allow access to the speaker series; attending an accompanying technology showcase, however, is free of charge.

Outside of the recital hall, attendees will be able to view and interact with technology such as remote control vehicles, 3-D printers, an online bitcoin mining system and a virtual reality head-mounted display known as Oculus Rift.

The initiative TEDx encourages independent organizers - including universities - to host events similar to the TED Talks speaker series.

A full list of scheduled presenters is available at Those scheduled to speak include:

•    Kate Cardinali, an SVSU alumna and owner of Bay City-based Innovative Media and Design, a marketing solutions firm. Her discussion will cover topics ranging from Pinterest to parenting.
•    Drew Korpal, a veteran of the first Gulf War who later pursued careers as a warehouse worker and a corrections officer. His interest lies in puzzles. During his SVSU appearance, he plans to discuss a newer model of problem-solving involving human communities in this hyper-connected age.
•    Godfrey Nolan, a renowned book author and expert in the field of security in smartphone software development. He plans to discuss mobile device security during his SVSU appearance.
•    Jason Pockrandt, a motivational speaker, will discuss fatherhood during his TEDxSVSU talk. He hopes to inspire and motivate struggling fathers to re-evaluate choices and re-examine their lives.
•    Tracy Weber, a recognized leader in horse-assisted learning for humans. She has facilitated horse-assisted learning programs across the globe, and will discuss how humans can learn from horses.

Lunch at SVSU’s Marketplace at Doan cafeteria is included with each ticket purchase. For social media updates, visit the TEDxSVSU Facebook page or follow the Twitter account @TEDxSVSU.