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March 10, 2015

Professional Profile for November 2014

• Emily J. Beard, assistant professor of English, presented a paper titled “‘Reacting’ to the needs of the Composition Student: Employing Reacting Pedagogy in the Writing Classroom” at the Writing Across the Peninsula conference, Oct. 10 in Marquette. Also, Beard presented a webinar titled “Tapping into Student Success: Using MindTap to Promote Richer Learning Outcomes” as part of the Cengage Learning Fall Webinar Series, Oct. 24.

• Elson Boles, professor of sociology, presented a seminar titled “The Flipped Classroom and Team-Based Learning” at the annual Professional Issues in Higher Education Conference at Michigan Education Association headquarters, Oct. 24 in Lansing. Also, Boles began his tenure this fall as vice president, four-year colleges of the Michigan Association of Higher Education.

• Marlena Bravender, assistant professor of education technology, presented “What would you do? Student experiences with online simulations” at the annual Lilly Conference, Oct. 18 in Traverse City.

• Geoffrey V. Carter, assistant professor of English, presented a talk and film titled “Crime, Culture and Chicane Lanes: A Hidden History of Michigan Pinball” at the Cultural Rhetorics Conference, Nov. 1 at Michigan State University.

• Garry Johns, professor of mathematical sciences, presented two papers that he co-authored with Jan Hlavacek, assistant professor of mathematical sciences. First, he presented “Rainbow-colored paths” at the 45th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, March 3-7. The paper will be included in the conference proceedings. Also, Johns presented “The strong rainbow connection number and maximal cliques” at the 28th Midwest Conference on Combinatorics & Combinatorial Computing, Oct. 22-24.

• Sara Beth Keough, associate professor of geography, gave a research presentation at the University of Western Ontario as part of the Fall 2014 Colloquium Series for the Migration and Ethnic Relations Graduate Program. Her presentation was titled, “Migration to Fort McMurray, Alberta: Implications for Urban Planning and Social Capital in a Resource-Dependent Community.”

• Rhett Mohler, assistant professor of geography, presented a paper titled “Determining the timing and potential cause of a swampy, chronically hypoxic reach of the North Branch of the Kawkawlin River” at the 37th Applied Geography Conference, Oct. 15-17 in Atlanta, Ga. This work was co-authored by Nick Ross, a student who has since gone on to graduate school in the field of geographic information systems at Chicago State University.

• Paul Munn, professor of English, published the article “Puissance, Jouissance, and Communication: Mediating John Ashbery’s ‘The Salve Merchant’ in the Context of His Planisphere” in the journal Imaginaires 18 (2014).

• Stephen Taber, professor of biology, has a manuscript titled “A New Nearctic Species of the Fungus Gnat Genus Dziedzickia Johannsen (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)” accepted for publication in Southwestern Entomologist magazine.