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May 16, 2013

New Virus Attack: Emails

By Mike Holliday

The purpose of this message is to inform you of a new sophisticated Virus infected message, that does not require you to click on links - simply load the message into a "dated" web browser (like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari) and it searches for exploits on your computer.
If your system had AVG popup as you viewed it, and it blocked the message - great! That means AVG stopped its actions cold.  If it did not, we should have your system inspected.  Please contact the IT Support Center at x4225.
Below is a sample message. The circled areas are items you should scrutinize before acting on messages. 
  • If you hover over the From address - you'll see not only is Walmart misspelled (has two L's), and the actual address is poorly named and even sometimes has a different extension (.com, .net, .org).
  • If you hover over the links (not clicking) it shows a completely different web address not related to the subject or material in the message.
  • The fact they use an email address for salutation, versus your actual name on file when you order things online.
  • The fact that the shipping details are not even close to being related to you.
Again, being aware of these kinds of nuances in messages will help further protect you.   Be careful and assume that the message is not legitimate.  Ask yourself basic questions.
  • Do I have a Walmart/PayPal/eBay account?
  • Did I order something online recently? 
  • Does something about this message seem suspicious or "phishy"?
If you are concerned, your next best course of action is to go directly to the website and log in normal and/or contact their Customer Service via phone (never click on links in these messages to get there).
And as always, please feel free to contact the IT Support Center (989-964-4225) for advice or to report something that is phishy. If you accidentally clicked and became a victim, you should change your passwords immediately and contact the IT Support Center to have your system inspected.
2013 Newsroom An example of the exploited email.
2013 Newsroom An example of the exploit when hovered.