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Information Technology Services

In ITS, technology is what we do. We provide technology services and support for the entire campus community including faculty, staff, students, and alumni. From the wireless network to the classroom computers, the campus databases to software programs, from teaching users how to use technology to helping solve their problems, we are present in nearly every area of the University. We invite you to discover who we are and what we can do for you.

Are You Up On Tech?

Are You Up On Tech?

Fast access to common technology links

Connect to Wireless

Connect to Wireless

Connect to SVSU's wireless network

Support & Training

Support & Training

Help & training for SVSU employees

ITS Spotlight


Self-Service Password Reset

SVSU uses a Self-Service Password Reset system to make it easy to recover your password if you ever forget it. To ensure you never lose access to your account, you must first register to be part of the password reset system.  Registering will enable you to reset, unlock, or change your password without having to contact the SVSU IT Support Center.

 Self-Service Password Reset User Guide (797KB)

 3 steps of MFA.  Log in. Authenticate. Success.

MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems.  It requires SVSU users to present two pieces of evidence when logging in to any SVSU system.  One piece of evidence will be the SVSU username and password.  Users will choose the other method of evidence, or authentication, that best fits their lifestyle, from the available options.  Without authentication, your log in will fail.

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Toll-free: (866) 827-4357


Zahnow Library, 1st Floor

If the Zahnow Library is closed, ITS is closed.
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