About the College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences

The College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences is the largest and most diverse academic unit at Saginaw Valley. It offers many basic skills courses to prepare students for university study and also offers a majority of the General Education courses designed to provide all SVSU students with a well-rounded education; an understanding and appreciation of a wide range of knowledge and experiences. Through its fourteen academic departments, and two graduate programs, the College is dedicated to providing students with intellectual skills and analytical abilities in preparation for success in a complex and ever-changing world.

In the College, there is a deliberate integration of "pure knowledge" with applied or professional knowledge and skills. That is, our arts, humanities, and behavioral sciences curricula combine both types of knowledge to prepare our students to succeed in their personal and professional lives. The College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences shall continue to occupy a central role at the University, producing alumni with broad-based knowledge, excellent communications skills, and professional proficiencies to excel in both public and private sectors.