Master of Arts Teaching

Individuals interested in applying to our MAT program are encouraged to contact their Faculty Advisor according to specialization for further information and to discuss various options. To schedule an appointment, please contact the appropriate advisor (based on the first letter of your last name) directly by phone or email.


Early Childhood

A-M Dr. Debra Lively 989.964.4875
N-Z Dr. Anne Tapp 989.964.2052


Special Education

A-Z Dr. Gardner Umbarger 989.964.4667

K-12 Literacy Specialist

A-H Dr. Gretchen Owocki 989.964.7393
I-P Dr Dee Storey 989.964.7084
Q-Z Dr. Vetta Vratulis 989.964.4525


Secondary Level Educators

A-Z  Dr. Deborah Smith  989.964.4526