Applying to Law School

Things to Know

1. Do Your Research

Law School Admissions Council (, provides information on each of the American Bar Association-approved law schools, including 25th and 75th percentiles of LSAT scores and GPAs. Includes information on the law school admission process. [pre-law guide]

2. Know Admissions Criteria

In order of importance, admissions officers consider: LSAT score; undergraduate G.P.A.; and then your Personal Statement.

3. Preparing For the LSAT

Start approximately 9 to 12 months prior to when you wish to take the test; start with the
low-expense options (review book; practice exams; etc), then, if needed, pursue more focused (and pricey) options.

4. Write Your Personal Statement

For guidance, see the pre-law guide at Or the Guide to Personal Statement (134kB).

5. Addendums

Use these to offer explanations (not excuses or apologies); full disclosure is advised!

6. Letters of Recommendation

a) should be sought by faculty who KNOW you;
b) provide the following information: the specific classes/semesters in which you were their student; a brief resume;
a deadline; instructions for mailing the letter.

7. Apply for Financial Aid

For general information, visit "Financing Law School" section (

Important Links

Here are helpful resources as you consider applying to law school.