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The Neuroscience major allows students to explore a discipline that probes one of the last frontiers in understanding how humans and non-humans function in health and in disease. It allows for the exploration of fundamental questions about how the brain and nervous system work in order to produce behaviors and how dysfunction in those systems lead to long-lasting functional losses and disability. The field of neuroscience takes on a clear interdisciplinary character: All scientific levels of organization (behavioral, developmental, molecular, cellular, computational, and systems) contribute to our understanding of the nervous system. Neuroscience has been a field of particularly active growth and progress for the past two decades, and it is certain to be an area where important and exciting developments will continue to occur.

At SVSU, the neurosciences are represented by teaching and research activities of faculty members in the departments of Biology, Psychology, Health Sciences, and Chemistry. The curriculum is both comprehensive and provides enough flexibility to allow for opportunities for diverse approaches to learning. Through lecture/seminars, lab-based methods courses, and hands-on research experiences, students are afforded a broad and deep educational experience. Through these experiences students that major in neuroscience at SVSU will be provided with the foundation for advanced training and work in a variety of career options in science, medicine, and private industry.