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SVSU recognizes the importance of diversity and is dedicated to maintain an environment which fosters respect and offers equal opportunity. We focus on ability and develop opportunities for independence and growth.

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Our Mission

  • To ensure all students with disabilities can actively participate in all facets of University life.

  • To coordinate support services that enable students with disabilities the opportunity to achieve intellectual and personal growth.

  • To increase the level of awareness among all members of the University.

SVSU offers auxiliary aids and services to students who qualify. Once a student is accepted to SVSU, contact should be made with the office of Disability Services. The links on the top left of this page provide access to more information. 

‌SVSU is proud to be one of the few universities in Michigan that offer one-on-one training and  assessments on assistive technology. Using the “right” software or special computer can be the catalyst to help students study more effective and efficiently and ultimately aid with independent learning. Scott MacLeod is available to meet with any student at SVSU and ascertain types of programs that can help, and provide training to best utilize these programs. Call (989) 964-7000 to set up an appointment.

Testing by Appointment Only

SVSU has a small testing room available for students who are eligible for an alternative testing environment.  Tests must be pre-approved by faculty and scheduled by calling 989-964-7000.

Smithsonian History of Disabilities

Everybody: An Artifact History of Disabilities in America

Smithsonian, National Museum of American History, Kenneith E. Behring Center

The Nathan Cummings Foundation











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