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Ruth and Ted Braun Fellowship Program

Ruth and Ted Braun Fellowship Program
(Due to the Saginaw Community Foundation September 15 yearly or next business day if the due date falls on the weekend

Please contact Sponsored Programs if you are interesting in applying for this opportunity.  Sponsored Programs will assist in   completing your application.

Once you have worked with Sponsored Programs, you will be asked to submit your application using the online application system, by clicking on the opportunity title.  Please note that your Letter of Support from Dean or Supervisor needs to be submitted online with your application by the due date.

  • Eligibility: Full time faculty and staff of the University may apply for the award.
  • Announcements: Program announcements will be made available by the end of
    April yearly. Award announcements are expected to be made by the Foundation
    by the end of October yearly.
  • Funding Available: January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2020
  • Braun Fellowship Guidelines (40kB)
  • Braun Fellowship Progress Final Report Form (26kB) should be submitted to Julie Decker,

Samples of awarded Braun applications by college

ABS Braun Sample (1,072kB)

CBM Braun Sample (845kB)

COE Braun Sample (1,023kB)

HHS Braun Sample (105kB)

SET Braun Sample (929kB)

Period Name Title of Project
2007 - 2010 Jesse Donahue Animal Art for the People: The New Deal and American Zoos
2007 - 2011 Thomas Renna Book on Late Medieval Political Theory 
2009 - 2012 Patrick Pan Characterizations of Transformations 2009 
2008 - 2012 Eric Gardner Unexpected Places: Relocating Nineteenth?Century African American Literature 
2008 - 2012 Gretchen Owocki  Toolkit for Reading Assessment and Instruction 
2009 - 2013 M. Patricia Cavanaugh  SVSU Students as Literacy/Volunteer Tutors Motivating Young Children 
2011 - 2014 Enayat Mahajerin  Computational Methods with MATLAB Programming 
2012 - 2015 Joseph Ofori-Dankwa  Firm Performance in Emerging Sub?Saharan Africa: Concepts, Analysis and Practice 
2012 - 2015 Paul Teed  The Hawleys of Connecticut: An American Civil War Partnership 
2011 - 2015 David Stanton  DNA Fingerprinting of Great Lakes Zebra Mussels, FY 2012 
2013 - 2015 Ken Jolly   “‘Agitate’ is mighty close to ‘fight.’ Well what of it?”: African American Self?Determination in 20th century Detroit 
2013 - 2016 Dorothy Millar  Age of majority: Maximizing autonomy of young adults who have disabilities 
2013 - 2016  Garry Johns  Targeting Optimal Learning Strategies in the Undergraduate Classroom
2014 - 2017 Hong Park  A study on structuration of knowledge creation and agent 
2014 - 2017 Elizabeth Roe  Mentoring for Evidence-based Practice: A Collaborative Approach 
2014 - 2017 Stephen Taber The Search for New Species in Michigan