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Types of Student Employment

The Student Employment Program utilizes four types of funding. They are Federal College Work Study (CWS), Saginaw Valley Work Study (SVWS), Saginaw Valley Work Study Graduate (SVWSG), and Regular Student Employment (RSE). The amount and category each department can spend depends upon the department's budget. Being awarded work study does not guarantee a position on campus nor does it guarantee that the student will be able to earn the entire amount awarded. The amount that students can earn each semester depends on available department funding. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring student employees so that their earnings do not exceed the award amount specified on the student employment referral form. Details for each program are outlined in the following sections:

Federal College Work Study

Federal College Work Study is a federal student employment program for students that have financial need. Under this program, the federal government pays the majority of student wages and SVSU pays the remaining.

Students are required to apply for financial assistance on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be obtained from the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid or completed on-line at . Based upon the student's financial need as ascertained by the FAFSA information, and availability of funds, students may be awarded work study.

Saginaw Valley Work Study

Saginaw Valley Work Study is a student employment program funded by SVSU where the University subsidizes a portion of the student's earnings based on the student's financial need. In order to receive SVWS, a student must submit a FAFSA.

Saginaw Valley Work Study Graduate

Saginaw Valley Work Study Graduate is a University employment program for graduate students enrolled at least half-time (five credit hours) in a program leading to a graduate degree. Students are eligible to earn SVWSG if their work in a department is at a graduate level.

Regular Student Employment

Regular Student Employment is funded entirely from the SVSU general fund. All students are eligible to earn RSE funding.

Departments may choose to continue employing a student using RSE funds once they have earned their total work study award and if the department has RSE funding available in their budget. The supervisor must advise the student to consult with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid before switching them to RSE because earning RSE dollars may reduce the student's financial aid package the next year. If both the supervisor and student agree to switch to RSE, the supervisor must notify the Career Services office to change the student's award.

Grant Funded Student Employees

Student positions that are funded through grants must comply with all University policies and procedures for student employment. Grant funded student employment positions are posted in the Cardinal Career Network, however, necessary payroll paperwork is processed through the SVSU Office of Human Resources.  It is the responsibility of the student employment hiring manager to complete the HR Action Form and coordinate with SVSU Human Resources.

The pay rate for grant positions is the State of Michigan minimum wage. In accordance with Federal regulations (A21), if the position requires a special rate due to the level of skill or complexity of work required by the employee, the rate must be approved by the Director of Career Services office prior to hiring students. Additional information is available in the Compensation section.