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Professional Practices Committee (PPC

The charge of the Professional Practices Committee:

The PPC shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending on matters of tenure, promotion, sabbatical leaves, serious discipline (as defined in H 2.3.8), discharge, termination, and evaluation of faculty and such other matters as set forth in the Faculty Contract 2017-2020 (20,136kB).


Dr. Deborah Huntley, Chair, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs


Committee Members
(AY 2017-18) 

Dr. Karen Brown-Fackler Health & Human Services
Dr. Patricia Cavanaugh Arts & Humanities
Dr. Craig Douglas, Dean Education
Dr. Frank Hall, Dean Science, Engineering & Technology
Dr. John Mooningham Science, Engineering & Technology
Dr. Gretchen Owocki Education
Dr. Surender Reddy Business & Management
Dr. Judith Ruland, Dean Health & Human Services
Dr. Erik Trump Social Services