SVSU Student Association
Student Honor Code‌

It matters now, because it matters later.

Why an Honor Code?

  • To demonstrate respect for peers, professors, institution and self
  • To achieve educational and professional goals
  • To take pride in academic accomplishments
  • To maintain the honor of an SVSU degree

"Students should strive to attain their highest possible level of academic achievement. They have an obligation to abide by standards of academic honesty which dictate that all their scholastic work shall be original. Violations of academic honesty are governed by the Code of Student Conduct."
- SVSU Student Handbook 1.2.2

Violations of any university regulations, including the Academic Integrity policy, may result in dismissal from Saginaw Valley State University or in a lesser sanction deemed appropriate by a university Hearing Officer.  
- SVSU Code of Student Conduct